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Star-Spangled Swimmer

Star-Spangled Swimmer

A War of 1812 Water Ballet

Ever wonder what makes Federal Hill so… Federal? Or why the flag at Fort McHenry has 15 stripes? Or what 80 people in the same pool swimming to the 1812 Overture looks like? Good! Because Fluid Movement wants to take you to summer school with “Star-Spangled Swimmer!: A War of 1812 Water Ballet.” Using our patented immersive technique, we will transport you back to a time when the colonies were newborns, Baltimore had dozens of independent newspapers, and it rained militiamen.

July 26 and 27, 2014 at Druid Hill Park and August 2 and 3, 2014 at Patterson Park

Hound Dog Crew: 2014 Roller Skating Show

Hound Dog Crew: 2014 Roller Skating Show

This year, the “Hound Dog Crew” uses all their brain power to crack the case of the missing bowling trophy. This motley crew tirelessly watches their favorite TV programs in order to piece together the clues!  Join us Monday January 6th at Atomic Books, in Hampden, from 6 to 8 p.m. to sign up for this fabulous show!!

Show Dates: March 15 and 16, 2014

Who loves the Love Parade?

Who loves the Love Parade?

Love Parade 2013

Come feel the love with Fluid Movement at the Transmodern Festival’s MAYFAIR on Sunday, May 5, 2013!

This years Transmodern Festival will feature a MAYFAIR with Fluid Movement’s 6th annual LOVE PARADE on Sunday May 5, 2013. The Mayfair is a site-specific event exploring the public spaces in Downtown Baltimore with a maypole celebration, market place, performances and projects related to the Rites of Spring and regeneration, beginning at 11:00 am with Fluid Movement’s Love Parade kicking off at 3:30 pm.

Fluid Movement will set up a station at the Current Gallery backlot, stocked with balloon hats, silly pieces from past shows, and other spectacular decorations. Everyone is encouraged to deck themselves out, wear their heart on their sleeve, and feel the LOVE. The afternoon will culminate in a LOVE PARADE, led by the Barrage Band Orchestra and featuring YOU, your kids, friends, and neighbors!

11:00 AM in the Current Gallery Backlot: 412 N.Howard St. in BALTIMORE!
3:30 PM – The LOVE PARADE!

Come feel the love!
The 10th Annual Transmodern Festival is in cahoots with the Current Gallery, Maryland Art Place, The 14Karat Cabaret, Gallery 788, and the spaces in-between to present four days of ecstatic cultural experiments, music, film and performance. Featuring the immersive theatrical experience Rooms Fall Apart: A Serious Play. Catherine Pancake, with a film program and conversations about the early days of the festival. Also, an exhibit of the artworks of poet, writer, prankster, provocateur Blaster Al Ackerman, Baltimore’s own Dan Deacon, Snails, filmmaker Martha Colburn, and Fluid Movement’s LOVE PARADE.  Other featured artists include Moss of Aura, ocdj, AsiminiaChermos, Bonnie Jones, Laure Drogoul, Rachael Shannon, David London, Alex Funk, Maddie Hicks, Ryan Dunne, Heather Lewis, Alix Fenhagen, Melissa Moore, Valeska Populoh, Ruth Pettus, Eric Leiser, Virgina Warwick, Michelle Nugent, Ultra Sharlat, Katherine Fahey, Barrage Band Orchestra, a MAYFAIR on Sunday afternoon with a maypole to celebrate Spring and much, much, more….....

Check Transmodern out at :

Check Fluid Movement out at:

Glitteracy:  A Book Revue!

Glitteracy:  A Book Revue!

For Baltimore, the city that reads … good.

A reeling and randy variety show based on great, and not so great, works of literature.
Featuring glittery interpretations of the literary masterpieces that you read the Cliff Notes to in school, Including:  Mary Shelley, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Dr. Seuss.

One Night Only!
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Showtimes: 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Doors open one half hour before show time.

14K Cabaret
218 W. Saratoga Street
Baltimore MD 21201

Admission $10.00
Cash door only!
Limited Tickets also available at brownpapertickets.com

In collaboration with Glitteracy:  A Book Revue!

Literary Arts; Literally!
An art show!  Celebrating the beauty of books and art works created from repurposed books and mixed media.

Book Art Opening :
Friday, March 15, 6:30-9:30 at Artefactory
827 N Howard St
Baltimore, MD 21201

Rebel Teen From Outer Space!

Rebel Teen From Outer Space!

An Extraterrestrial Water Ballet Adventure

Druid Hill Park Pool
Saturday July 28, 5pm
Sunday July 29, 5pm & 7pm

Patterson Park Pool
Saturday August 4, 5pm & 7pm
Sunday August 5, 5pm & 7pm

Tickets $10, available at door and at http://www.brownpapertickets.com

Attending one of the July 29th shows at Druid Hill Park?
Take a look at these maps on where to park & how to get there. Take note:  Druid Hill has special Sunday traffic patterns.

We love the Love Parade!

We love the Love Parade!

Come feel the love with Fluid Movement and the 9th Annual Transmodern Festival, Sunday, May 20, 2012!

Pedestrian Services Exquisite is a site-specific free afternoon program exploring the public spaces in Baltimore . This year’s PSE takes us to the Downtown Baltimore Farmers’ Market. Expect an afternoon of extraordinary situations, performances, installations, excursions, and tours capped off with the Love Parade by Fluid Movement.

Fluid Movement will set up a station at the market, stocked with balloon hats, silly pieces from past shows, and other spectacular decorations.  Everyone is encouraged to deck themselves out, wear their heart on their sleeve, and feel the LOVE. The afternoon will culminate in a Love Parade, led by the Barrage Band Orchestra and featuring YOU, your kids, friends, and neighbors!

9:00-11:30am Pedestrian Services Exquisite at the Farmers market
12 noon – The Love Parade!

Come feel the love!

Transmodern is a festival of provocative works by cultural experimenters from Baltimore and the World. The artists of the 9th Annual Transmodern Festival defy traditional genres and embrace radical innovation through transmedia, clashes of organic vs. artificial intelligence, psychogeography, dislocation of consensus reality, real politic and collective cultural action.

HOWARD & LEX: The way we roll!

HOWARD & LEX: The way we roll!

Fluid Movement’s Roller Ballet 2012

Come back to the heart and soul of Baltimore’s department store district to witness a rejuvenating roller ballet!  It’s HOWARD & LEX: The Way We Roll!

Follow our heroine, Sylvia Kleinman, as she takes a trip down the West Side’s Memory Lane, recalling:
The HeyDay and Today-Day of THE LEXINGTON MARKET!
The long-storied tradition of PROTEST, West Side Style!
Those lovely LADIES WHO LUNCH amid the spectacle of DEPARTMENT STORE fashion!
And the HOLIDAY PARADES of yesteryear, all rolled into one!

So, come on down to 228 Lexington Street at corner of Lexington & Howard.
March 24th, 25th, 31st, and April 1st
Show time: 3:00 pm
Special reduced ticket price! $5!
Tickets available at brownpapertickets.com begining 02/20/2012
KEYWORD: HowardandLex

In coordination with Westside Renaissance Development, PNC Bank, The Weinberg Foundation, and The Office of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

FM in the News!

The rave reviews keep coming!

What Weekly wrote up a nice piece on the show and FM!

Read what the Baltimore Sun had to say!

Mobtown Murder Mystery!

Mobtown Murder Mystery!

The greatest water ballet thriller in many years!

The world’s first (and perhaps last) live film-noir inspired daytime synchronized swimming extravaganza!!

SHE is GAIL FORCE, a Girl Friday turned Ms. Saturday Night.
HE is SAM HOE, her dead boss’ ex-partner with NOTHING but good intentions.
And THEY gotta get their hands on one very dangerous DINGUS!
What’s a DINGUS, you say?  Well, they don’t know, either.  You’re just gonna have to show up to find out! But who has it?  Is it:

One very large FEZ-HEADED small-time boss with a penchant for perspiration and parlay?
One ETHNIC KINGPIN who’s cornered the cookie racket 30 yards off PIER 6?
Or your guest celebrity host who bears a striking resemblance to MANDELIT DEL BARCO?

Watch the trailer!

Add lots of water, beautiful dames and rugged mugs, and a brace of floaties, and you get the picture.  Baltimore may never be the same after

Fluid Movement presents
Mobtown Murder Mystery!

Saturday July 23, 3pm & 5pm
Sunday July 24, 5pm & 7pm
At Druid Hill Park Pool

Saturday July 30, 6pm benefit show, $20
Sunday July 31, 5pm & 7pm
At Patterson Park Pool


Dive in and give us a hand!

Volunteer to help Fluid Movement out and get a rad purple t-shirt PLUS a free ticket to the show! Sign up to volunteer for the Druid Hill shows (July 27-28) or the Patterson Park shows (August 2-3)!

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